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Please call us on 07831 389236 You can book on the day of travel

Just fill in the booking form and click the submit button, we will do the rest. 
If you prefer to talk with someone just call.
 07831 389236 or
01392 446304
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Parking Tariff "The Antique Complex"

Welcome to Parking Exeter Airport At

Looking for cheap secure parking at Exeter Airport?

 Look no further.

Parking Exeter Airport is located 1 mile from the Airport Terminal inside "The Antique Complex" which we own and operate. On arrival you will be greeted by our friendly staff and swiftly taken to the Airport which is less than 5 minutes away. Just call us on your return and you will be collected promptly and taken back to your car. We transfer you to the airport and collect you on your return in our MINIBUS

Car Park

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 OUR PRICES:                                       
1-3  Days    £20.00*                             10   Days    £40.00
4     Days    £25.00                              11   Days    £42.00
5     Days    £27.00                              12   Days    £45.00
6     Days    £30.00                              13   Days    £48.00
7     Days    £33.00                              14  Days     £52.50  
8     Days    £35.00 ( 1Week)              15   Days    £55.00 (2 weeks)
9     Days    £38.00                              16   Days    £60.00
           17   Days+    £3.75p per day
We do cover all flights from and to Exeter Airport, however any flight with a scheduled arrival time between Midnight and 04.00am will be subject to a surcharge of £5.00 per vehicle.
* £20.00 minimum charge
* Price Includes Transfer to and from the Airport.
* We offer very special prices for long stay days please call for details
cars in snow
 Don't come home to this, we cleared all our cars of snow this winter, So that you could get on your way home faster. We will also help you get your car started when your battery is dead, and help deal with flat tyres.